Closing the Loop

You have lived through an amazing experience or event.

You've not only lived it, you've learnt from it and shared it, whether it's by writing a book (possibly with me), being authentic on social media, or being honest with your friends and family members.

Congratulations! Owning our past — and helping people to learn from our experiences — is a superpower.

There is, however, a downside to Storytelling for Healing — one I haven't taught on before now.

Every time we revisit an experience, we energetically tie ourselves to it.

It becomes a part of our identity, so much so that we rely on it for our self-worth and to give our life meaning.

We can also learn to only communicate through the language of suffering — sharing our losses and our disappointments but never celebrating our victories and downplaying our contentment.

I've seen in it in my students, I've seen it in my authors, I've experienced it myself.

This is why I created this workshop, Closing the Loop.


We can only complete our healing cycle, and really enjoy life, if we Close the Loop on our trauma.

Live it, learn from it, share it ... and release it

This is when we can finally experience the freedom of recovery.

Trauma and your Identity: There comes a time to tell trauma: you are no longer a core part of my identity. That finality can be the scariest part of recovery, but it's the only way to really let happiness in.

if we over-identify with our trauma, we are constantly living in a suffering energy. That has got you this far! It has helped you achieve all that you have achieved. But, it is also blocking you from the full spectrum of life and the full potential of your relationships.

Story Attachment: If we don't Close the Loop, it can trick us into believing inaccurate truths. Struggle is success; struggle makes us special; who would we be, and what would we be worth, without it? 

This doesn't mean you have to rethink your purpose or your career, or shut down any income streams which are linked to your past experiences! In this workshop, discover how to continue to profit from your past, but not ignore the wealth and wellbeing of your current life.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have been public about your past, whether it's by creating content or just being (very!) honest with your friends of family.

  • You trust you are more than your Trauma Identity (and you want to meet that person — the whole you!)

  • You want to value your contentment as much as you value your challenges.

  • You are ready to own your happiness, as courageously as you've owned your pain.

This workshop includes:

  • Eight modules guiding you through the confines your story is placing on your life, and how to break free.

  • 1.5 hours of audio content plus worksheets broken into bite-sized lessons.

  • Self-paced content, access immediately.

  • All audios can be downloaded so you can revisit lessons, even on-the-go. 

  • Modules: trauma and your identity; connecting through capability; are you living someone else's karma; the power to change your mind; passing the baton; and the freedom of recovery.

  • Culminating in an incredible Closing the Loop meditation (prepare yourself!)



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DISCLAIMER: These programs are creative products intended to introduce students to simple and helpful resilience and mindfulness tools around writing about emotional or personal experiences. These tools are not designed to address intense or complicated emotions, or replace therapeutic support from a specialised practitioner.

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"I was part of the test group for this program. I've never heard our attachment to a trauma story talked about  with such insight and experience. It felt like a missing piece of my recovery."