“How people tell their stories is an intimate experience. Something as small as a replaced word or misplaced comma can change the entire feeling of a story—and how the storyteller feels about themselves.”


Amy Molloy is a journalist, editor and Hay House author who produces uplifting content for the biggest names in global publishing.

During her (very!) diverse career she has reported on terrorist attacks and natural disasters for global newspapers, become one of the youngest editors of Grazia magazine and, as a ghost writer, is the unnamed creator behind many of the articles, blog posts, speeches, scripts, and campaigns that, in recent years, have engaged, entertained and educated people across the world.

Her sell-out memoir, The World is a Nice Place: How to Overcome Adversity Joyfully was the product of ten years' worth of research, interviewing empowered survivors about their coping mechanisms for overcoming the worst experiences of your life whilst still hoping for the best.

It followed her debut book, Wife Interrupted, which she wrote at the age of 23 after being widowed (a book that made headline news for its unconventional account of grief).

To date, Amy has written 14 books under her own name as a ghost-writer for high-profile entrepreneurs, entertainers and wellness influencers. Her latest, Peace Instead of This was released for free on Instagram (one chapter per day).




As a content creator, Amy collaborates with some of the biggest brands in the world including GoPro, Netflix, Uber, Lorna Jane, the Sydney Opera House & Selfridges department store.

Previously editor of Collective Hub - a magazine that exists to ignite human potential - Amy is an influential voice across print, podcasts and television. She is also the creator of the Storytelling for Healing Series—online and in-person courses which teach people to share their personal stories, publicly, in a way that raises their profile, promotes a cause or fulfils their purpose - but also protects themselves.

As a Public Writing Coach, she also mentors companies, and their employees, to explore the power of storytelling to amplify a brand and its mission.

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I’ve authored 24 books and produced 53 print magazines and Amy is, by far, the most wonderful, loving, efficient, talented editor I’ve ever worked with. She is pure brilliance.
— Lisa Messenger, founder & CEO of Collective Hub
I’m still on a high from today’s Storytelling for Healing workshop. To be so inspired and learn so much in a short space of time is truly amazing. Thank you!
— Storytelling for Healing Student
Wow! I’ve now got to catch my breath and reread all the scribbles I’ve made in the margins. Reading this book was emotional, but so rewarding and fulfilling.
— The World is a Nice Place Reader