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The Book Writing Remedy

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The Book Writing Remedy is a unique pathway to publishing for anyone with an amazing personal story or knowledge. Discover the confidence to share what you've been through and uncover its real value.

Plus, find a book publisher who values your experience. 

Dr Kate Luckins
"Having someone bolster your confidence and give you the direct feedback you need is invaluable. I have no hesitation that, without Amy's experienced guidance and support, my first published book may still be a notion rather than hitting the shelves.”
Lisa Messenger
“I’ve authored 24 books and produced 53 print magazines and Amy is, by far, the most wonderful, loving, efficient, talented editor I’ve ever worked with. She is pure brilliance.”
Vari McKechnie
'Amy’s course was crucial in the early stages of planning and writing my (now-published) book. Thank you for helping me to get started, which is always the hardest part, on a project that has been whispering to me for a long time.'

A simple step-by-step formula for writing memoirs, self-help guides and non-fiction books based on your life experiences. 

Find clarity and confidence: creative strategies & emotional support to go from book idea to book deal. 

Take the guesswork out of your chapters: discover effective strategies to sieve through your memories and find content inspiration.

Get clear on your boundaries: learn the smartest ways to talk about personal experiences whilst still protecting yourself and the people around you.

Fulfil your dreams of becoming an author. This course includes a template for pitching to publishers. Join our authors who are now celebrating book deals.

And, never feel alone during the process.

Enrol in the course today & get instant access to all self-paced videos, templates & bonus tools.

Watch eight video modules designed to take you from book idea through planning, writing, editing and getting a book deal or self-publishing.

Instant access to 20 worksheets and bonuses, which will make creating content for your book easy, including how to write a powerful first chapter.

Discover Amy's magic formula for structuring chapters for non-fiction books, especially when you're writing about personal or emotional topic.

Download Amy's tried-and-tested template for pitching to a publisher (and getting a yes!)

Bonus! Book a 30-minute private coaching call with Amy (no extra charge!) once you complete the course.

Access to all material for the life of the course.


frequently asked questions:

Hi, I'm Amy


I know from experience, it's not easy to write books based on your personal life. In addition to the creative skillset, it takes a lot of courage.

It's been over ten years since I wrote my first memoir, Wife Interrupted about my experience of being widowed (it's now being made into a TV series). Since then, I've worked with the world's biggest publishers as an author, editor and ghost-writer with a focus on personal, emotional memoirs and guidebooks.

I know the emotional undertaking it is to write a book. That's why I wanted to create a book writing course that cares!

This course will give you the creative skills to write a book. It will also give you the emotional support and confidence to put yourself out there.​ It combines all my experience as a journalist, editor and author, with my qualifications in counselling and mindfulness.

Click here to hear what our writers have said about the experience.

Love to see you on the inside.

Amy x

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Okay, you've lived it but should you write a book about it? How to move forward with confidence, clarity and a creative plan.

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How to plot your storyline, structure chapters, plan your perfect ending and support yourself when writing about painful experiences 

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How to write about personal experiences when there are other people involved and how to ease your own feeling of vulnerability.

Discover your options for getting your book out into the world and access Amy's easy-to-follow template for pitching to your dream publisher.

  • uncover your unique story and why it’s so valuable

  • identify your pivotal life moments and transform them into chapters

  • learn Amy's fool-proof way to structure every chapter (it works!)

  • get clear on your storytelling boundaries and how much you really have to share to make an impact

  • learn how to protect the other people in your story and why it's important

  • write a book proposal ready to pitch to a publisher (and get them to notice you!)

  • have a three-step plan to pitch your story to the media

  • get clear on your book's ending and write a final chapter with the wow-factor

  • find your creative confidence and up-level your writing abilities

  •  most importantly, understand how to support yourself emotionally as you write about personal experiences

  • never feel alone during the process!

Plus, have a book proposal ready to pitch to a publisher!

All students of our book writing course, The Book Writing Remedy are given priority access to sign up for Amy's Chapter Editing Service. To find out more click here.


I’m a parent – will I have the time? I’m confident, yes! This course is designed to fit into the busiest schedule, plus you have life-time access if you’d like to self-pace it. 

Do I need a book idea? No, you don’t! I’m guessing you have at least a spark of an idea already, but the course will help you to transform it into a fully-formed book plot.

Is there a payment plan? Currently, we're offering the course at a whopping 70% off the normal price. Because of this, we're not offering a payment plan at the mo.

What if I don’t have a ‘profile’? This is my specialist subject! I love transforming unknown writers into published authors whose books are read across the world.

Can I join outside Australia? This course is open to everyone, globally.

How much access will we have to you? The course includes an exclusive invitation to a private coaching call with me (30-minutes). We used to run a group coaching call with this course but, as so many of my writers have deeply personal or traumatic stories, this offers you extra privacy. You'll be sent an invitation to book a Zoom call after module 7.

Will you help us get published? I’ll take you from book idea to ready-to-pitch, by sharing all the different ways to brings your story to life (some of them unexpected!). The course also includes a book proposal template, which makes writing your own pitch fool-proof.

Can I work with you one-on-one? There is the option to pay for one-on-one sessions at the end of the course or to sign up to my chapter editing service (more info here).

"Amy's writing and editing genius, and holistic book coaching were like having a secret weapon onboard. Every time I wanted to scream, 'Stop the ride', Amy kept me on track, through writing and editing the book, to publishing it and beyond."
lizzie pic.jpeg
“Amy demystified the world of publishing, so I had a strategy that worked. And I knew exactly what I was seeking in a publisher-author relationship. I have no hesitation that without her experienced guidance and support, my first published book may still be a notion rather than hitting the shelves.”
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"Amy is a unique combination of talented editor, savvy writer and generous soul. Writing a book can be a lonely experience. With Amy as your editor, you won’t feel alone. She really cares about you and your story — this is evident every step of the way."
"Amy took my spark of an idea and helped me flesh it out into a fully formed, book deal winning pitch. For the confidence and clarity she gave me, I’m forever grateful."
"I loved working with Amy. My publishing deal wouldn't have been possible without her support, guidance and belief in my story — a very tough story to tell."
'The simple truth is this, without Amy, there would be no book. Whenever I needed her help, she was right there for me, part of my writing team and so much more. I can't recommend Amy's writing course or 1:1 sessions more highly—she is a gifted, talented writing coach who has your back as an aspiring author.'
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Publishers We Work With


The cost-of-living is crushing the creativity in a lot of us!


I always try to listen to the messages of the world around me and the current pain points in our hearts (it’s why The Book Writing Remedy was created in the first place).


That’s why, for now, I’m slashing the price of the course by 50% (from $595). 


It won’t be forever! But I hope this helps you to ignite your creative fire and heal a little piece of yourself (and it’s a win-win for us when you share your story or knowledge with the world!)

(USUALLY $595!)

*all options get course lifetime access and an invitation to a private coaching call—no difference in what you receive. ​*See out Terms &Conditions for our refund policy)

DISCLAIMER: These programs are creative products intended to introduce students to simple and helpful resilience and mindfulness tools around writing about emotional or personal experiences. These tools are not designed to address intense or complicated emotions, or replace therapeutic support from a specialised practitioner. By enrolling on a course or a service via Amy Molloy, you agree that you have read and agreed to our full disclaimer. Read here.

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