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The Book Writing Remedy is a unique pathway to publishing for anyone with an amazing personal story. Discover the confidence to share what you've been through and uncover its real value. Plus, write a book proposal ready to pitch and sell. 

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How to write a book that sells and heals. Finally, a book writing course that cares.

In this industry-leading online program, Amy Molloy combines her areas of expertise as a sell-out author, magazine and book editor, and holistic counsellor.


This unique book writing course includes eight course modules, designed to be completed over 8 weeks, bonus lessons and access to group coaching calls — a valuable opportunity to call on Amy for support and guidance.

The Book Writing Remedy is designed as a deep dive into non-fiction writing, giving you the skills and space to process (and sell) your story

frequently asked questions:

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Okay, you've lived it but should you write a book about it? How to move forward with confidence, clarity and a creative plan.

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How to plot your storyline, structure chapters, plan your perfect ending and support yourself when writing about painful experiences 

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How to write about personal experiences when there are other people involved and how to ease your own feeling of vulnerability.

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Discover your options for getting your book out into the world and how to find a publisher who really aligns with your vibe.

  • uncover your unique story and why it’s so valuable

  • identify your pivotal life moments and transform them into chapters

  • learn Amy's fool-proof way to structure every chapter (it works!)

  • get clear on your storytelling boundaries and how much you really have to share to make an impact

  • learn how to protect the other people in your story and why it's important

  • write a book proposal ready to pitch to a publisher (and get them to notice you!)

  • have a three-step plan to pitch your story to the media

  • get clear on your book's ending and write a final chapter with the wow-factor

  • find your creative confidence and up-level your writing abilities

  •  most importantly, understand how to support yourself emotionally as you write about personal experiences

  • ….and never feel alone during the process!

Plus, have a book proposal ready to pitch to a publisher!

I’m a parent – will I have the time? I’m confident, yes! This course is designed to fit into the busiest schedule, plus you have life-time access if you’d like to self-pace. Watch my tips on book writing for busy parents here.

Do I need a book idea? No, you don’t! I’m guessing you have at least a spark of an idea already, but the course will help you to transform it into a fully-formed book plot.

What if I’ve already taken a course with you? Some of the content in this course is taken from my other previous courses, but there’s also SO much more. I’m expecting a lot of my former students to do this course too — and love it.

Is there a payment plan? Absolutely! You can pay the full amount in one go or split it over 4 monthly payments (at no extra fee).

What if I don’t have a ‘profile’? This is my specialist subject! I love transforming unknown writers into published authors whose books are read across the world.

Can I join outside Australia? This course is open to everyone, globally.

How much access will we have to you? The course includes monthly group coaching calls, with the chance to submit questions and chat during the call. I love that bit!

Will you help us get published? I’ll take you from book idea to book-in-hand, by sharing all the different ways to brings your story to life (some of them unexpected!).

Can I work with you one-on-one? There is the option to pay for one-on-one sessions at the end of the course or to sign up to my chapter editing service (more info here)


Choose your payment plan:

one-time-payment of $678 AUD
4x monthly payments of $170.00 AUD
We also have gift vouchers available to gift the course to someone awesome in your life. Find out more

*all options get lifetime access and invitations to all group coaching calls - no difference in what you receive


“I’ve authored 24 books and produced 53 print magazines and Amy is, by far, the most wonderful, loving, efficient, talented editor I’ve ever worked with. She is pure brilliance.”

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Questions? Reach out


I'm always happy to talk about the course and whether it would suit you. Send me an email here or DM me on Instagram — don't be shy to say hi!

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