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Welcome! Here you'll find our most popular courses and services to support writers of all levels to share their story or specialist subject with confidence.

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The Book Writing Remedy. In this self-paced, online book writing course, Amy shares her formula for writing a bestselling memoir or non-fiction book, from structuring your chapters to getting a publisher and how to support yourself emotionally. Click here to read more.
One-on-one Mentoring. Perfect for writers with a unique story or anyone who craves one-to-one support. In a mentoring call with Amy you can discuss any elements of your book or content, which are challenging you and put a plan in place for how to overcome it. Click here to read more.
Ghost-writing Service. Amy takes on a limited number of ghost writing projects each year. If you have a story of knowledge to share, but limited time tom write the book yourself, this could be for you. Click here to read more.

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Chapter Editing Service. Every writer can benefit from a good editor; someone who isn't so close to the story. With over a decade's experience writing & editing books, Amy will edit your work to an industry standard and give it the wow-factor. Popular with writers about to pitch to a publisher or venturing into self-publishing. Click here to read more.

Book Pitching Template: NEW! Get access to one of the most popular modules from The Book Writing Remedy. Discover an easy & proven guide to getting a book deal & download Amy's highly-successful book proposal template. Click here to read more.

Closing the Loop workshop. Perfect for writers who have already shared a personal story publicly, in this candid pre-recorded workshop, Amy shares how she learnt to let go of her past, even when it's a big part of her work and life purpose. Click here to read more.

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Amy Molloy’s Bestselling Course,

The Book
Writing Remedy

“Amy's writing and editing genius, and holistic book coaching are like having a secret weapon.”


'I could cry. You are a magical, book-fairy godmother.

I have no idea how you have these talents and gifts but I am more than grateful that you do.'

Chapter Editing Service

'I loved working with Amy. My publishing deal wouldn't have been possible without her support, guidance and belief in my story and in my writing.'

One-on-One Mentoring

'Amy’s course gave me the confidence my story was worth sharing. Packed with tips, examples, free resources and ‘heart-work’, her book writing formula alone is gold.'

The Book Writing Remedy.

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