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The Book Writing Remedy (online course): How to Write a Book that Sells and Heals

In this 8-week online book writing course, Amy combines her areas of expertise as an author, magazine and book editor and counsellor. Learn how to write a book that sells AND helps you to make sense of your past. LEARN MORE

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LIGHTWRITER Mentoring: One-on-one emotional and creative support

Whether you're writing a book, article, podcast, online course or more, Amy guides writers through all stages of the creative process, with the professional and emotional support you're craving. LEARN MORE


Chapter Editing Service: Your Work Edited to an Industry Standard.

As part of Amy's one-on-one mentoring offering, send three chapters of your book (maximum 3000 words per chapter) to be edited to a professional, industry standard. Arrange to send more on request. LEARN MORE

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Akashic Record Readings: Lessons from your Life Experiences

A very special offering! Discover the lessons you can learn from your Akashic Records – an energetic records of everything you've experienced in this life (and lives before this  one). LEARN MORE


MEDI-SENSATION Sessions: a Remix of Music and Mindfulness

As the writer behind The Space mindfulness podcast, Amy  presents an evening of music and mindfulness, which will re-mix your idea of how meditation has to look and feel. LEARN MORE

Interested in Amy ghost-writing your book or editing your entire manuscript? 

This is a service we offer a select number of people a year. Reach out and let's chat about working together and I can offer a quote for your project. I try to say yes whenever I can! SAY HELLO

One more thing...

"Fuck! I could cry! You are a magical, book fairy godmother.

I have no idea how you have these talents and gifts, but I am more than grateful that you do!"

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