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Here, you'll find, not only find the books I've written but a selection of the books I've worked on as an editor, mentor or advisor. Click the titles to read more.


Wife Interrupted. Young, widowed, lonely. How far would you go to feel alive?

Now being developed into an eight-part TV series with the support of Screen Australia and Screen NSW.

The book that launched Amy's career as a non-fiction writer, inspired by her experience of being widowed at the age of 23. This raw, revealing and unexpected portrayal of grief (and promiscuity) inspired an important conversation about loss and why we should never judge someone else's coping mechanisms.


Memoirs & Self-help

Wife Interrupted: Young, widowed, lonely. How far would you go to feel alive again?
The World is a Nice Place: How to Overcome Adversity Joyfully.​
Children's Books
How to Recycle Your Feelings: a Book about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Your Emotions.
A Chinese language version of my children's book is coming soon, available worldwide.

Download Chapter 1 of The World is a Nice Place, the sell-out memoir and recovery guide.

Packed with hope-filled tips and candid insights about recovery, The World is a Nice Place will remind you, the best people have a bad patch. Don't give up!


Reviews for Amy's books

‘A powerful and honest account of love, grief and starting again, it’s moving and sad, but also surprisingly funny. You’ll love it.’

Closer magazine

‘Devastatingly honest and deeply moving.’ 

Daily Mail

‘As inspiring as it is heartbreaking.’ 

News of the World

‘Gritty, honest and surprising . . . this moving, warts-and-all real-life story of a young woman’s experience of crippling bereavement and her desperate attempts to move on is heartbreaking – but manages to be hopeful and optimistic at the same time.’

Heat magazine

‘Molloy works through the seven stages of grief—with added Sambuca shots—before emerging as a more reflective person . You can’t help but feel glad that the end is also a new beginning.’

London Lite

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