Previously editor of Grazia magazine and Collective Hub, and deputy editor of Mama Disrupt magazine, Amy Molloy is an influential voice across print, podcasts and television in Australia and the UK where she she began her career at the Daily Mail.

As a content creator, Amy Molloy collaborates with some of the biggest brands & organisations in the world, including GoPro, Netflix, Uber, Lorna Jane, the Sydney Opera House & the NSW Government.

As a ghost writer, Amy Molloy is the unnamed author behind many of the books, articles, blog posts, speeches, scripts and campaigns that, in recent years, have engaged, entertained and educated people across the world.

As an author, Amy Molloy specialises in Storytelling for Healing — non-fiction books, articles and content, which help readers to overcome adversity and process challenging experiences. Amy Molloy is also the creator of The Book Writing Remedy — a unique book writing program for anyone with a personal story to tell.

In 2020, Amy Molloy became the lead writer of  The Space podcast — a twice-daily mindfulness podcast produced by Nova Entertainment in partnership with Spotify ANZ. The award-winning show hit 1 MILLION downloads within 8 months of its launch and growing. 

Amy Molloy is also a certified Akashic Record Reader. Never heard of it? Find out more here and book a session to open your own records today!

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“I’ve authored 24 books and produced 53 print magazines and Amy is, by far, the most wonderful, loving, efficient, talented editor I’ve ever worked with. She is pure brilliance.”