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Amy is an award-winning journalist, editor, author and podcaster writer who produces uplifting content for the biggest names in global publishing. 
As well as creating her own content, she empowers writers of all levels through her bestselling Book Writing Remedy course and Lightwriter© mentoring program.


Amy Molloy is an influential voice across print, podcasts and television in UK and the UK where she she began her career at the Daily Mail before becoming editor at Grazia magazine.

As a content creator, Amy Molloy collaborates with some of the biggest brands & organisations in the world, including GoPro, Netflix, Uber Eats, the Sydney Opera House & the Australian Government. 

One of the most sought-after ghostwriters in the country, Amy Molloy is the secret author behind a huge array of books, articles, scripts and political speeches—and you'll never know she wrote them!   

Amy Molloy is the writer behind the award-winning podcast The Space, which has over 5 million downloads and is one of Nova Entertainment's most successful shows.

At present, she is developing a TV adaption of her first memoir, Wife Interrupted with the support of Screen Australia and Screen NSW.

Her latest book with Hay House Inc will launch in 2024.

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Author and editor of 50+ books


Writer behind hundreds of articles

5 million+ lifetime downloads of The Space podcast

Specialist in trauma-informed content

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Whether she is writing her own content or helping other people to share their stories, the focus of Amy's work is: Storytelling for Healing.

How can sharing your story help you—the writer—to heal and how can it heal anyone who reads it? 

In addition to her journalistic work, Amy is a qualified counsellor, with advanced studies in grief and loss counselling, child development and effective parenting, and mindfulness-based therapies. She has also completed her meditation teacher training (60 hours TT).


She uses this knowledge to write trauma-informed content and to support her clients who are writing about difficult experiences.

Amy Molloy is also a trained Akashic Record Reader. Never heard of it? Find out more here!

"In a decade as a journalist, I told the stories of hundreds of survivors; interviewing them after their toughest moments. I only realised later, these stories became my salvation — proof that life is messy and crazy, and still wonderful."



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