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Author and editor of 50+ books


Writer behind hundreds of articles

6.5 million+ lifetime downloads of The Space podcast

Specialist in trauma-informed content

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Hey, I'm Amy

In this chapter of my life, I'm best described as a writer, editor and content creator. I still use the word 'journalist' because it's traditionally my profession—and it's simpler on my resume—but it's, increasingly, a smaller part of my career matrix.

I live on the South Coast of Sydney with my husband, three kids and four chickens. This is hilarious when I think back to previous seasons of my life: cutting my teeth as a young journalist at the Daily Mail in London; moving to Australia to become editor of Grazia magazine; chasing celebrity stories and sitting front-row at fashion shows.

These days, my work is a little bit less glamorous but equally as rewarding, even more so.

I still write my own content (my next book, How to Raise a Complex Soul will be published by Hay House in mid-2024, and I currently write the hit podcast, The Space, as well as working on a TV show inspired by my first memoir, Wife Interrupted. I also still write articles about topics I'm passionate about cracking open).

But much of my time is also spent guiding other writers, especially people with a very personal story to share—a story that I think can help to 'move the world forward' (that's the slogan of my company, LightWriter Media).

Mainly, I do this through my bestselling course, The Book Writing Remedy, and the LightWriter Mentoring program. I couldn't be prouder of all my incredible, brave and open writers who have gone on to sign book deals and publish their writing globally.

I describe myself as a Holistic Writing Coach. Emotionally and creatively supporting writers is a big part of what I do. In 2018, I completed my diploma in counselling with advanced studies in grief and loss, so that I can sensitively support my writers — producing trauma-informed content is my specialty.

Thank-you to everyone for supporting LightWriter Media, and for all the wonderful word-of-mouth recommendations. Storytelling has always been how we attempt to make sense of each other, and the complexities of life, and we need that now more than ever.

Amy x

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Professional Bio

You can use this bio if you're introducing me in a podcast or referencing me in an article. Or, you just want a list of some of the things I've done!
Amy Molloy is an award-winning journalist, editor, author and podcast writer who produces uplifting content for the biggest names in global publishing. 

The author of the memoir, Wife Interrupted and the sell-out self-help guide, The World is a Nice Place, Amy specialises in ‘storytelling for healing’— how to use your lived-experiences to help other people. Her work has featured in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Times, New York Post, and on multiple podcasts and TV channels.

As a content creator, Amy Molloy collaborates with some of the biggest brands & organisations in the world, including GoPro, Netflix, Uber Eats, the Sydney Opera House & the Australian Government. 

One of the most sought-after ghostwriters in the country, she is the secret writer behind a huge array of books, articles, scripts and political speeches—and you'll never know she wrote them!   

Amy is also the creator of the award-winning children’s book, How to Recycle Your Feelings—the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign. It is now available in English and a complex Chinese language version, which is available in China and globally.

Currently, Amy is the writer behind the hit podcast, The Space—a mindfulness podcast produced by NOVA Entertainment, which has had over 6.5 million lifetime downloads. It was awarded the Mental Health Matters Media & the Arts Award for thoughtful, informative and responsible reporting of mental health illness.

Amy is currently working on a TV show inspired by her first memoir, Wife Interrupted with support from Screen NSW and Screen Australia.

Her latest book, published by Hay House Inc, will launch internationally in November 2024.

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"In a decade as a journalist, I told the stories of hundreds of survivors; interviewing them after their toughest moments. I only realised later, these stories became my salvation — proof that life is messy and crazy, and still wonderful."



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