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Support & praise

  • Recommended by Playgroup Australia.

  • Supported by primary schools, preschools and childcare centres across Australia.

  • Shared by children's hospitals and hospices.

  • Awarded first prize in the Purple Dragonfly book awards — the Literary Resource for Teachers and Librarians — in their Health and Growing Pain categories (books that help children to adjust to changes as they mature)

How to Recycle Your Feelings: a Book About Reducing, Reusing & Recycling Your Emotions

"Sometimes, we all end up with too many emotions or emotions we don’t have a use for anymore.


We don't remember buying them or asking for them. They were definitely not on our shopping list.


But that doesn’t mean you have to throw them away because no emotion is ever really a waste."


About the Book:


How to Recycle your Feelings is a book about reducing, reusing and recycling your emotions. It translates therapeutic techniques into imaginative tools, which children of all ages can use to deal with big feelings. It also has a dual purpose: the books aims to reduce anxiety for any grownup reading it aloud to a child too. Because #togetherweheal


Who Can it Help?


When Australia went into lockdown, How to Recycle Your Feelings saw a surge in sales, as families felt the emotional impact. The book has been used by parents, childcare centres, schools, counsellors & paediatric wards to:

  • help children with sleep 

  • help families cope with transitions

  • prepare for the start of school or preschool deal with sibling rivalry, divorce or separation 

  • support children coping with grief & illness 

  • help young abuse survivors with trauma; and 

  • help families to discuss feeling together.


Healing for Grownups Too:

Amy Molloy was inspired to write How to Recycle your Feelings after the birth of her second child, when her firstborn started having night terrors and she experienced postnatal depletion. "So many evenings, I’d read a bedtime story with tears in my eyes, doubting my capabilities and whether I could ever be enough,” she says. "I wanted to write a children's book that reminded me and my children how resilient we all are and allowed us to heal together as a family." 


Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm

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