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Hi, I'm Amy

I know from experience, it's not easy to write books based on your personal life or specialist subject. In addition to the creative skillset, it takes a lot of courage.

It's been over ten years since I wrote my first memoir, Wife Interrupted about my experience of being widowed (it's now being made into a TV series). Since then, I've worked with the world's biggest publishers as an author, editor and ghost-writer with a focus on personal, emotional memoirs and guidebooks.

I know the emotional undertaking it is to write a book. Luckily, there are a few insider shortcuts.

In my FREE resource, How to Sell a Book Before You Write a Book, I share my tips for how to sign a book deal on little more than a few sample chapters.

It's a lot less scary to write a book when you know that people believe in you.

Instant Access to Your FREE Resource, How to Sell a Book Before You Write a Book

On it's Way! (Check your Junk if you Don't Spot it Soon)

The Book Writing Remedy is a unique pathway to publishing for anyone with an amazing personal story or knowledge. Discover the confidence to share what you've been through and uncover its real value.

Plus, find a book publisher who values your experience. 

A simple step-by-step formula for writing memoirs, self-help guides and non-fiction books based on your life experiences. 

Find clarity and confidence: creative strategies & emotional support to go from book idea to book deal. 

Take the guesswork out of your chapters: discover effective strategies to sieve through your memories and find content inspiration.

Get clear on your boundaries: learn the smartest ways to talk about personal experiences whilst still protecting yourself and the people around you.

Fulfil your dreams of becoming an author. This course includes a template for pitching to publishers. Join our authors who are now celebrating book deals.

And, never feel alone during the process.

Enrol in the course today & get instant access to all self-paced videos, templates & bonus tools.

Watch eight video modules designed to take you from book idea through planning, writing, editing and getting a book deal or self-publishing.

Instant access to 20 worksheets and bonuses, which will make creating content for your book easy, including how to write a powerful first chapter.

Discover Amy's magic formula for structuring chapters for non-fiction books, especially when you're writing about personal or emotional topic.

Download Amy's tried-and-tested template for pitching to a publisher (and getting a yes!)

Bonus! Book a 30-minute private coaching call with Amy (no extra charge!) once you complete the course.

Access to all material for the life of the course.

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