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  • Akashic Record Reading

  • Clairvoyance & Psychic Development

  • Meditation Teacher Training (60 hrs TT)

  • Diploma in Counselling with advanced studies in mindfulness-based therapies, grief and loss, and effective parenting.

Intuitive Readings: finding clarity on your own life path.

What's the story behind the story you're telling yourself? What's the truth behind your feelings, reactions and hurdles? How can you better understand yourself, and your life, to truly embrace and enjoy it?


Intuitive readings can offer support and clarity at times when you face a decision or you face an obstacle in your life. It can help us to unravel the stories that we tell ourselves (and that society tells us) to get back to the truth of who we are here and everything we've been born to achieve and enjoy.


Intuitive readings mean different things to different people. Also, each reader has their own unique style and approach. Amy is a trained Akashic Record Reader (read more here about the Akashic Records). She is also clairsentient. This refers to the ability to feel the past, the present, and the future emotional state of other people.

How does this help clients? Clairsentience is also known as 'clear feeling'. An intuitive reading can help to cut through the noise of your thoughts, feelings and reactions to find a clearer understanding of what you've been through, and a clearer route ahead.

Here are some of the common benefits:

  • Confirmation and trust that you are on your path and can move forward with clarity and confidence.

  • Access to ‘blind spots’ which can be holding you back in your career, your love life, your family or financial freedom.

  • Tap back into the essence that makes you, you. including elements you had as a child but could have forgotten.

  • Discover the emotional shadows behind common symptoms and how to shift them.

  • Understand all the energies that are influencing a situation.

  • Put an end to repetitive cycles, which you seem to constantly find yourself in.

  • Get clarity on the reason you are in your current situations, where you want to be, and how to get there with ease.

  • Access faith in your own ability to triumph over any challenge.

  • Areas of life addressed: relationships with significant other, finding a partner, co-workers, family, children; financial and money concerns; work-related situations; life path and meaningful work; mental health challenges and symptoms.

Every session with every client is slightly different, which is what makes every interaction so special.


During an intuitive reading, I may use a combination of Akashic Record insight, oracle cards, clairsentience, our combined intuitive, counselling techniques and hertz healing frequencies to receive clear guidance in a calming, uplifting conversation,

These sessions are a two-way conversation that feel like a blend of a therapy session and a Reading. It's about tapping into what you already know—but haven't accessed yet. During your session, you can talk through whatever is on your mind and, together, access guidance from the records and your own intuition.

Every session finishes with a guided meditation to integrate what you've learnt.

What an intuitive reading is not:  Intuitive readings are not voyeuristic (an exploration looking into the lives of others). Intuitive readings are not predictive of outcomes (predicting the future). Intuitive readings are not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment or therapy.

What does a session involve?

Before your Zoom session, Amy will privately go through a ritual to open your Akashic Records (by booking a session, you are giving  her permission to do so). it's great to come to the session with one topic you'd like to address, although this often transcends into other areas during our discussion.

What should I do on the day?

Just sit in a comfortable place, somewhere quiet. Choose one questions to ask at the start of the sessions —it can be anything that's on your mind. This is a really special service I offer to only a limited number of people per week so, by grabbing a spot, trust that it's exactly where you need to be!

Do I need to be 'spiritual'?

You don't need any kind of meditation practise or to believe in any religion to benefit from this practise. At it's core, this is about tapping into your own intuition not some other higher power.


Will my reading be recorded?

I don't record Intuitive Readings as I prefer to trust that you'll remember what you're meant to  remember! But, I would have a notebook on hand to right down thoughts afterwards (or the notes section of your phone, as I do).


*Please note, all sessions are covered by client confidentiality and the Australian Counselling Association Code of Ethics and Practise, Read more here. All clients are requires to sign our disclaimer agreement, which will be emailed before your session.

For a while now, I’ve been quietly using clairvoyance in my work without using the word. For years, I wondered how I could ghost-write so easily, stepping into the hearts and minds of other people. Well, it's because I can feel what they're feeling and, in doing so, offer clarity.’

An Intuitive Reading is for you if:

  • You feel unsure, overwhelmed or a little lost about where you are in your life and where to go next.

  • You've found yourself repeating the same patterns and you can't quite kick them.

  • You experience self-doubt, a lack of confidence and/or constantly need other people to validate your decisions.

  • You've found the last few years tough (who hasn't!) and you want reassurance amazing days are ahead of you.

  • You often feel rushed or like you're being left behind, and worry that things aren't moving as quickly as they should be.

  • Maybe you've tapped into your intuition before and felt its magic. Whether it's a vision, a dream or jut a voice in your head saying, 'Let's go in this direction.'

  • You'd love to wake up in the morning with TOTAL trust that you're exactly where you need to be today.

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