The LightWriter* Program

*What is a LIGHTWRITER™? Someone who is called to share from their truth, stories that have a positive impact.

A unique one-on-one mentoring program for anyone inspired to share their personal story in a positive way. Creative and emotional support to bring your writing to life. Book one session with Amy or invest in a series today.

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Live it, Learn it, Share it

How to Turn Your Past into a Powerful Product

Do you have a backstory that could help other people? Do you want to find meaning in a life experience? Amy guides writers (of all levels) to turn their past into a powerful product.

Whether you have dreams of writing a book or a blog, want to create an online course, launch a podcast or make your website content feel more 'you', Amy works one-on-one with writers to create content that not only feels good but gets attention.


As a qualified counsellor (with an emotional backstory herself!), Amy guides writers from idea to launch and beyond — book one session with Amy or invest in a series.


Mentoring students have secured book deals with global publishers, earned the attention of Australia’s leading news sites and seen their stories splashed across their favourite publications, globally.

As a journalist, Amy Molloy has shared the stories of thousands of incredible people, tracking down survivors of global disasters and unimaginable tragedy, and ghostwriting books for entrepreneurs, influencers and gurus.

In sharing her own story, Amy has been a leading voice in changing the perception of grief, PTSD and anxiety. Her sell-out books, Wife Interrupted and The World is a Nice Place documented her recovery from her first husband's death (now being turned into a TV series). ​

Today, Amy describes herself as a LIGHTWRITER. Her definition? Someone who is called to share from their truth, stories that have a positive impact.

The world needs LIGHTWRITERS now more than ever; storytelling from the heart, which makes the heaviness of life feel easier to carry.

Frequently asked questions:

How does a session work? If this is your first mentoring session, we'll discuss your project and what you hope to achieve by sharing your story, plus any questions, challenges or areas of advice you want guidance on. By the end of one session, you'll have actionable-solutions.

Do I need to have a certain amount written? Not at all! I work with people at all stages of the creative projects, whether they have zero words written or they're ready to get a book deal or promote a product. 

I'm stumped with how to start writing! That's my specialist subject. I loving nothing more than brainstorming book concepts (from barely anything!) Give me a few thoughts and you'll be amazed by how quickly a book structure materialises.​

Should I send you my writing before we chat? If you have written something you'd like to share, it's always helpful for me to read it before our session. Once you've booked in, email it to (maximum of 3000 words please).

I want to get a book deal — can you help? Sure can! A lot of my students have gone onto sign book deals, after working with me on their book proposals. You can also check out my course, The Book Writing Remedy — I provide a book pitching template.

I have serious doubts! I think I just need moral support! That's where my mentoring is different to many book writing programs. I've got a background in Counselling, plus I know one of the hardest parts of writing non-fiction can be the emotions it stirs up. I'm  here for you, emotionally and creatively.

Can you help me to write my podcast? I work with writers and creatives on all types of content from podcasts to online courses and social media posts. I've got two award-winning podcasts of my own and I've worked on many more!

Can you edit my writing? As with my other program, you can sign up to my editing service as part of our mentoring — I love to read your words!

How is this different to your other course? My online course, The Book Writing Remedy, is much more structural — the how to write a book, from chapter breakdowns to pitching to publishers. This is an emotional, holistic experience. Sure, we’ll talk about the practicalities of getting your writing out there, but it’s also about putting a positive lens on your experiences; how you can share your story without getting lost in tough memories. 

I've got another question! Feel free to reach out to me on to see if it's right for you! Or, just trust your gut and book a sesh!



The LIGHTWRITER program is for you if:

  • You’re called to share your past, but still want to feel good in the present.

  • People are constantly telling you, you should write a book/podcast/article but it feels overwhelming (and sh*t scary!)

  • You want to understand how to share your past, but not get lost in it.

  • You’re a natural narrator – always observing and looking for meaning in life’s experiences.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the bad news in the world and want to make a positive impact.

  • When you do share your story, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

  • Hearing the word LIGHTWRITER awakens a little spark inside you.

  • You want to be part of something bigger than yourself.

  • You don't want to share your story "just for fun" — you want to value for it's worth and make it an empowering (and even profitable) experience.

  • Graduate as a LIGHTWRITER™ — wear the label on your Insta bio/resume with pride.

  • Rebalance your ‘negative bias’ — our tendency to linger on negative experiences (especially as writers!)

  • Own the miracles that have happened in your life AND feel confident to write about them.

  • Discover techniques to unlock your memories and even your past life experiences.

  • Feel lighter and brighter in your writing practise, even when you’re writing about dark experiences.

  • Trust the timeline of your writing career, knowing your words will have an impact.

Join a community of LIGHTWRITERS using storytelling to shine a light on the world.
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"Amy is a unique combination of talented editor, savvy writer and generous soul. This mix ensures that your story gets told in a way that feels engaging, snappy, humorous, raw and vulnerable all at once. Writing a book can be a lonely experience. With Amy as your editor, you won’t feel alone. She really cares about you and your story — this is evident every step of the way."
Fleur Chambers,

Creator of The Happy Habit app and Ten Pathways

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Ally Hensley
"With the help of Amy's creative direction, my story went viral. She has an amazing ability to untangle memories, honour trauma and find the
perfect words."
Lisa Messenger
“I’ve authored 24 books and produced 53 print magazines and Amy is, by far, the most wonderful, loving, efficient, talented editor I’ve ever worked with. She is pure brilliance.”
Amanda MacGregor
"Amy’s course gave me confidence my story was worth sharing. Packed with tips, examples, free resources and ‘heart-work’, her book writing formula alone is gold."
"Amy took my spark of an idea and helped me flesh it out into a fully formed, book deal winning pitch. For the confidence and clarity she gave me, I’m forever grateful."
"I loved working with Amy. My publishing deal wouldn't have been possible without her support, guidance and belief in my story — a very tough story to tell."

Sign up Now!

Mentoring Call (1 Hour) — AUD$330

Book a single mentoring session with Amy. All sessions are held over Zoom, and you'll be send details before your call.

Multisession (3x 1 Hour) — AUD$899

The Multisession package is our money-saver! Book your first session now, and book your next two at a later date to suit you.

The Multisession package is our money-saver!

Chapter editing Service — AUD$300 per chapter

Don't need to chat? Skip ahead to the editing stage. Send your chapters to Amy to be edited. It is recommended that you send a minimum of three chapters at once to get advice around structure and flow. 

The Editor Package — AUD$1100

Combine the services above and save $$. This offer includes 1x mentoring session and editing of 3x chapters. Get all the professional and emotional support you could need!

*Please note: All services are for non-fiction content only, no novels please. See our Terms &Conditions for our refund policy)

DISCLAIMER: These programs are creative products intended to introduce students to simple and helpful resilience and mindfulness tools around writing about emotional or personal experiences. These tools are not designed to address intense or complicated emotions, or replace therapeutic support from a specialised practitioner.


"Fuck! I could cry! You are a magical, book fairy godmother.

I have no idea how you have these talents and gifts, but I am more than grateful that you do!"

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I'm always happy to talk about the course and whether it would suit you. Send me an email here or DM me on Instagram — don't be shy to say hi!