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Book Proposal Editing Service

Are you ready to pitch to a publisher? With experience selling books to publishers in the UK, Australia and Asia, send Amy the draft of your book proposal and she will edit it to an industry standard and offer advice to get a publisher's attention (she can even help to brainstorm your book title!).


It is recommended you sign up to our Book Pitching Plan before using this service—an easy and proven route to a book deal.

Book Proposal Editing Service

    • Once your order is confirmed, pleased email your book proposal to
    • Proposals will be returned within 7 working days
    • This fee is for 1x rounds of edits. 
    • This fee is non-refundable once your proposal has been emailed to Amy.
    • We will edit your proposal to the best of our knowledge. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a book deal (but we'll give you the best shot!)
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