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Frequently asked Questions

  • No meditation experience necessary.

  • Come with an open mind and a yoga mat if you have one.

  • Wear comfortable clothing — activewear is perfect.

  • This event is for aged 16+ only (we are planning a kid’s version — watch this space!)

  • If we're running this event virtually, have a candle or a tea-light if you can organise it.

I've got another question!

Feel free to reach out to me on to see if it's right for you! Or, just trust your gut and book a spot!





A Remix of Music and Mindfulness.


We all know meditation is good for us, but it doesn’t have to mean sitting on a cushion in silence. Welcome to MEDI-SENSATION — a workshop that combines music and mindfulness, which will remix your idea of how meditation has to look and feel.


As the writer behind the award-winning mindfulness podcast, The Space (2million+ downloads), Amy Molloy has spent over 15 years studying meditation with organisations and experts across the world.


Her meditation journey includes:

  • studying Dhyāna meditation in the foothills of Indian

  • open-eyed meditation with The Brahma Kumaris Institute

  • Vedic Meditation with Jonni Pollard of One Giant Mind

  • Akashic Record Reading with Ashley Wood of Align Within

  • Diploma in Counselling with Advanced Studies in Mindfulness-Based Therapies

  • 50-hour Meditation Teacher Training, including philosophy, physiology and methodology

  • loving Kindness, mantra meditation and Kundalini meditation

  • + hundreds of hours exploring her own practice.  


As a mum of three, Amy knows it’s not always possible to sit in silence — and, whilst self-reflection is key, we also need a little more fun in our lives too.


This is the idea behind MEDI-SENSATION Sessions — a remix of music and mindfulness. In this 1-hour in-person workshop, set to a mood-shifting soundtrack, you’ll learn a mix of meditation techniques, which can open your heart, revive your energy and help you to really trust your life.

Our last session sold out! If you're interested in hearing about our  next virtual or in person workshop, we encourage you to jump on our mailing list below. 

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