After ten years as a journalist raising awareness of mental health issues, Amy completed a Diploma in Counselling, backing up a lifetime of front-line experience with an internationally-recognised qualification that enabled her to work with people one-on-one.

During her training, she noticed a pattern. Many of the women she met (virtually and physically) were showing signs of grief but they hadn’t experienced a loss in the traditional sense. Instead, they were grieving losses that aren’t as openly acknowledged but can shake your core. A loss of a relationship. A loss of identity. A loss of confidence. A loss of freedom. A loss of direction. The kind of losses that arise from disappointment but can also be a side-effect of achieving a dream, and having to give up something to get it. And, just like traditional grief, it can manifest in unexpected ways.

In addition to a wide range of issues, Amy aims to support women transitioning life stages, unexpected transformations, testing circumstances and emotional challenges, whilst attempting to juggle their own expectations and society’s. With experience in disordered eating, postnatal depression and terminal illness, Amy’s holistic approach to counselling combines empathetic listening with practical tools and science-backed strategies to transform your emotional health, physical energy and everyday hope.

We need to start talking about the ‘living losses’ we experience as women (and men!) and realise it’s not a weakness to say you crave relief and want to hope again.
— @amy_molloy
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So, what is Pop-Up Counselling?

Basically, we don’t operate from one location! Instead we offer virtual appointments that you can book within work hours, during evenings and weekends. Also, intimate group sessions and workshops (keep an eye on Instagram). We also host Pop-Up Counselling Spaces at events, workplaces one-off locations - a chance to break down the stigma around emotional healing and connect with as many people as possible across Australia and the world (get in touch to discuss!). Our latest offering is DOWNLOAD: HEALING — bespoke, pre-recorded counselling sessions straight to your inbox! Find out more:

When I started working one-on-one, I would be in the shower or playing with my babies when my mind was full of words I needed to share with a client. But I’d have to wait another week to speak to them. In our busy lives, it’s hard to fit healing into one box in our schedule. For clients, it’s a relief to have total flexibility. And, as a counsellor, it’s a relief for me too.
— @amy_molloy
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