The LightWriter* Program

*What is a LIGHTWRITER™? Someone who is called to share from their Source, stories that have a positive impact.

A unique 6-week one-on-one mentoring program for anyone inspired to share their personal story in a positive way. By the end of 6 weeks, you'll graduate as a LIGHTWRITER™ — a movement of writers shining light on the world's darkness (and feeling amazing for doing it!).

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frequently asked questions:

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LightWriters, unite

As a journalist, Amy has shared the stories of hundreds of survivors, tracking down the victims of global disasters and unimaginable tragedy. Her goal, however, isn't to spread bad news. It’s to use storytelling to shine light on the world’s darkness.

Her sell-out books, Wife Interrupted and The World is a Nice Place documented her recovery from her first husband's death (the former is now being turned into a TV series). ​

Today, Amy describes herself as a LIGHTWRITER. Her definition? Someone who is called to share from their Source, stories that have a positive impact.

In 2022, in the middle of the pandemic and the Ukrainian invasion, the LIGHTWRITER mentoring program was born — a call-to-action for anyone inspired to share their personal story in a positive way.


The world needs LIGHTWRITERS now more than ever; storytelling from the heart, which makes the heaviness of life feel easier to carry.

“As a journalist, even when I reported on wars, global catastrophes and natural disasters, I always looked for the light in the darkness.​​​​​​​​ We need LIGHTWRITERS now more than ever — people willing to share their experiences with honesty but also hope and defiant optimism.”


Part writing, part healing, this is the most intimate mentoring program with Amy yet!

  • 6 weeks of 1:1 mentoring sessions with Amy, designed to make writing your story a more positive experience (for you and for everyone who reads it).

  • Each week, centred on a different theme (read more here).

  • Custom-content tailored to your story and how you want to share it (e.g whether you want to write a book, an article, create a podcast or digital course or feel more ‘you’ on social media).

  • Discover how to write from The Source — the energy, which connects all of us together.

  • Explore how to write from love instead of fear and intuition over ego.

  • Learn intuitive practises, including how to read your own Akashic Records and tap into your past lives.

  • Private message support for whenever you need a pep talk.

  • Free access to all future LIGHTWRITER one-day events and workshops.

  • Graduate as a certified LIGHTWRITER™ — wear the label on your Insta bio/resume with pride.

  • Rebalance your ‘negative bias’ — our tendency to linger on negative experiences (especially as writers!)

  • Own the miracles that have happened in your life AND feel confident to write about them.

  • Discover techniques to unlock your memories and even your past life experiences.

  • Write from a multi-dimensional place, which deepens your storytelling abilities.

  • Feel lighter and brighter in your writing practise, even when you’re writing about dark experiences.

  • Trust the timeline of your writing career, knowing your words will have an impact.

Join a community of LIGHTWRITERS using storytelling to shine a light on the world.
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Amy is an award-winning journalist, editor, author and Lightwriter* who produces uplifting content for the biggest names in global publishing. For over a decade, she has specialised in Storytelling for Healing — how sharing a personal experience, publicly, can heal you, the storyteller, and anyone reading your story.

Skills & Training

With over 50 books and hundreds of articles published during her career (plus a TV show based on her life story in the works), Amy draws on her training in emotional healing, with a Diploma of Counsellor and Advanced Studies in Mindfulness-Based Therapies, and Grief and Loss Counselling. Plus, the lived experience of her own recovery.


The LIGHTWRITER program is for you if:

  • You’re called to share your past, but still want to feel good in the present.

  • You want to understand how to share your past, but not get lost in it.

  • You’re a natural narrator – always observing and looking for meaning in life’s experiences.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the bad news in the world and want to make a positive impact.

  • You find yourself downplaying your happiness, because you don’t trust it (or trust other people to accept it).

  • When you do share your story, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

  • Hearing the word LIGHTWRITER awakens a little spark inside you.

  • You want to be part of something bigger than yourself.

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6 week's of mentoring sessions themed to a different topic


You're here! Now, let's call your inner Lightworker into action.

We’re all a slave to a negative bias — especially as natural-born narrators.

A powerful introduction into the work of a Lightwriter and why you're here. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Recognise the barriers holding you back from sharing your story.

  • How shame/guilt can stop up showing up.

  • Why the toughest times of our lives really do create the most impactful content.

  • ...BUT you don't have to go into a dark place to share them.

  • Why the world needs truth-telling women (sorry, guys!) now more than ever.

  • How your upbringing and conditioning can impact the lens we put on our story.

  • How to go from Fearmonger to Lightwriter, in your words and your inner voice!

Explore the ‘lens’ you’re using to share your story and how writing from the light can improve your overall view of life. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Explore your ‘negativity bias’ especially as a writer.

  • Write from a place of love and not fear, even when you’re writing about traumatic experiences.

  • Move from ‘outside in energy to ‘inside out’ energy — a mindfulness term, which will transform your purpose.

  • Explore your relationship with sharing weakness (it might surprise you!).

  • Identify the miracle moments you’ve experienced.

  • Trust the happy endings in your life — and find the courage to share them.

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We're calling it! Writing from The Source is a magical experience!

Step out of your own way, by writing from The Source — the source of energy, which connects us all together. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Explore what it means to write from The Source.

  • How you can make your writing a more sacred practise.

  • Check in with the source of your memories — are you writing from your past or even from a past life experience?

  • Get tools, strategies and best practises to write in flow

  • Learn to ask yourself: Is this a real fear or just an old story?

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Tapping into lifetimes of wisdom and trusting your inner knowing.

A very special week in the mentoring program, you have the opportunity to learn about your Akashic Records — the energetic record of everything you’ve seen, felt and experienced in this life and past lives (read more here). You’ll also learn:

  • What the Akashic Records are and how your experiences, stored in ‘the Akasha’, can give you clarity in your life (and your writing).

  • How the Akashic Records show us potential outcomes.

  • What can you ask the Records?

  • How to use the Records in your own writing practice?

  • + Amy will open the Records for you — hear them opened in real time!

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A chance to discuss the previous week's content and discuss your learnings.

To allow the previous week’s content to integrate and sink in, this weeks mentoring session is not live. Instead, you'll be sent a pre-recorded video you can watch in your own time, which includes a 'sacred writing ritual' for you to follow.  You will be provided with:

  • A ‘courage to share’ playlist to listen to over the week.

  • Writing prompts to practise your intuitive writing.

  • Ongoing private message support if you need a pep talk.

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Ready to write and shine? It’s our last module together.

In this crucial mentoring session, you’ll discuss your future plans and how to really give your story impact. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Launch yourself into the world as a LIGHTWRITER.

  • Make money from your story and why that’s okay to say.

  • Prepare for the BEST care scenario (e.g your story going viral!).

  • Cope with criticism or negative feedback.

  • Allow your story to evolve with you in the future.

  • Care for yourself as you share.

At the end of Module 6, you’ll get access to an audio pep talk, you can listen to whenever you need it: WHY THE WORLD NEEDS LIGHTWRITERS MORE THAN EVER.

Frequently asked Questions

What if I’ve already done The Book Writing Remedy course? No problem! This program is designed as a perfect accompaniment — helping you to feel lighter and brighter as you write about tough experiences.

Does it have to run over 6 consecutive weeks? Yes, ideally but we can stretch it out longer if you need to.

Will it work for writing a podcast? Absolutely! I work with a huge range of content creators, from podcasters to course-makers and social media influencers.

Will you teach me how to write a book? Not the structural stuff! For that, I recommend my other course, The Book Writing Remedy.

Do I need to be ‘spiritual’? Not at all! Sure, we covered ‘spiritual topics’ but it’s really about connect to your own intuition — however that feels for you.

Can I call myself a LIGHTWRITER afterwards? Yep, you’ll be a proud member of our Lightwriter alumni! Add it to your Instagram bio!

What's the price? It's AUD$659 for the whole 6 weeks (a huge saving on the usual cost of my single mentoring sessions). 

Do you offer a payment plan? Not for this one, sorry, it's a software-provider thing! I do offer a payment program for The Book Writing Remedy.

How much access will I get to you? A whole lot! Every session is just you and I, plus private message support (within business hours) if you need it.

What is an Akashic Records Reading? Great question! Read a bit more background here.

Do I need to be in Australia? Not at all, as long as you can  make our session works for you time-zone.

Can I sign up anytime? Yes, there's no need to wait. Every now and again, I will close my books if I have too many LIGHTWRITERS at once, so if we're open, jump on!

Can you edit my writing? As with my other program, you can sign up to my editing service afterwards — I love to read your words!

How is this different to your other course? My online course, The Book Writing Remedy, is much more structural — the how to write a book, from chapter breakdowns to pitching to publishers. This is an emotional, holistic (dare I say, spiritual) experience. Sure, we’ll talk about the practicalities of getting your writing out there, but it’s also about putting a positive lens on your experiences; how you can share your story without getting lost in tough memories. And, of course, this course in LIVE instead of pre-recorded, so great if you want a really intimate experience (and want to chat directly!).

What happens after I sign up? When you sign up, you can choose when your plan begins and immediately book your first session. You'll then be emailed details of how to book the other live sessions in the program.

I’ve got another question! Feel free to send me an email Happy to chat it through.

"Amy is a unique combination of talented editor, savvy writer and generous soul. This mix ensures that your story gets told in a way that feels engaging, snappy, humorous, raw and vulnerable all at once. Writing a book can be a lonely experience. With Amy as your editor, you won’t feel alone. She really cares about you and your story — this is evident every step of the way."
Fleur Chambers,

Creator of The Happy Habit app and Ten Pathways

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Ally Hensley
"With the help of Amy's creative direction, my story went viral. She has an amazing ability to untangle memories, honour trauma and find the
perfect words."
Lisa Messenger
“I’ve authored 24 books and produced 53 print magazines and Amy is, by far, the most wonderful, loving, efficient, talented editor I’ve ever worked with. She is pure brilliance.”
Amanda MacGregor
"Amy’s course gave me confidence my story was worth sharing. Packed with tips, examples, free resources and ‘heart-work’, her book writing formula alone is gold."
"Amy took my spark of an idea and helped me flesh it out into a fully formed, book deal winning pitch. For the confidence and clarity she gave me, I’m forever grateful."
"I loved working with Amy. My publishing deal wouldn't have been possible without her support, guidance and belief in my story — a very tough story to tell."

Ready to Go!

AUS $659 for the full 6-week program.

*See our Terms &Conditions for our refund policy)

(a HUGE saving on the normal cost of a single mentoring session with Amy)

DISCLAIMER: These programs are creative products intended to introduce students to simple and helpful resilience and mindfulness tools around writing about emotional or personal experiences. These tools are not designed to address intense or complicated emotions, or replace therapeutic support from a specialised practitioner.

"I can't imagine any other writing course like Amy's — it felt like I was in therapy and, at the end of it, I started a new career as a writer. She's helped me find the words and the confidence to write about myself in a whole new way."

Questions? Reach out


I'm always happy to talk about the course and whether it would suit you. Send me an email here or DM me on Instagram — don't be shy to say hi!