Storytelling for Healing: Two-Part Public Writing Workshop

Storytelling for Healing: Two-Part Public Writing Workshop


Storytelling for Healing: Public Writing Workshop

Is there a story from your past you’re nervous to discuss but have a burning desire to share? Do you have a book inside you? How can you use social media as a memoir without making yourself vulnerable? How can storytelling raise your profile or promote your cause - whilst protecting your self?

We are all storytellers. Every social media caption, every ‘about’ section, every blog post and every conversation we have in a coffee shop is an opportunity to share our story in a way that heals us or triggers us. We live in an age where everybody has a ‘brand’ - but how does a tragedy, misfortune or difficult period fit into that image? If there’s a rough patch in your past, should you share it and to who, how and when?

According to studies, conscious storytelling - sharing our pivotal experiences in a supported and safe space - can be a path to healing, both for the storyteller and the people who shares your memory.

As entrepreneurs, bloggers, not-for-profit founders or employees, it can also help us to attract customers, build a profile and feel more relatable to colleagues. In an era where oversharing is trendy, how can you find the balance between authentic honesty and conscious censorship?


  • The Starting Point: Identifying the story you wish to share, which has the potential to heal you and the people who absorb your memory.

  • Attracting your Audience: How to choose the best medium to share your story. This includes books, blogs, articles and video content. Discover the specifications of writing for each option.

  • Structuring your Trauma. How to write about an emotional topic in a way that is also clear and constructive, including the common pitfalls of non-fiction writing.

  • Ritualised Writing. How to create ceremony around your writing practise, and support yourself as you revisit life-changing experiences.

  • Honesty & Self-Censorship: How much do you need to share to be authentic, when to hold back and when to fill in the gaps? Why less is more.

  • Protecting your People: How to tell your story whilst respecting the other characters within it, and the important topic of legal censorship.

  • What’s Next? Pitching to editors, finding a book publisher and promoting your story, including the resources (many of them free!) which can help you on your way.

  • Your Rights as a Storyteller. Debunking myths around paid storytelling, and the rights you have as a writer to say no, and respect your own boundaries. 

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Two Part Webinar


  • This series consists of two 75-minute webinars (originally recorded live), that lead you through the emotional, practical and logistical steps of public storytelling across books, blogs, about websites, social media and more. They include a Q&A with the author where past participants of the course ask questions they would like answered.

  • Access to a private online portal where you can access all video content 24 hours a day, so you can watch the webinars on your own schedule, no matter what your timezone. It is up to your whether you wish to watch them all at once or, as recommended, stagger them over the course of two weeks.

  • Personal anecdotes from Amy’s own career as a journalist, ghost writer, editor and author offering intimate lessons, insights and solutions to common hurdles and insider resources.

  • Take-home tools that you can apply immediately in your own life.

  • A printable worksheet of practical tips and key points - a cheatsheet of the lessons covered together.

  • An invitation to join a private Facebook group dedicated to healing rituals and authentic sharing.

  • A discount to further online courses in the host’s portfolio.

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More than ever, ‘public writing’ is a skill we should learn. So that when its time to take our stage - whether it’s a book, blog or social media site - we feel strong in our words and safe in our hearts
— @amy_molloy