Healing with Children: Five-Part Series Online Workshop

Healing with Children: Five-Part Series Online Workshop


HEALING WITH CHILDREN: The Struggle is Real, The Answer is Simple

As a mother, whether your baby is a newborn or older, how can you find space to nourish your own emotional health? How can you expand when life already feels full? When we give birth, our old wounds don’t automatically seal. So, how can we find time to heal when space is so limited? As a mother of two, Amy Molloy has written candidly about parenting through grief, Postnatal depression and raising a daughter as a mother who has overcome an eating disorder. In this online workshop series, she discusses the simple rituals, strategies and recovery tools she has discovered over a decade as a journalist interviewing ‘empowered survivors’. Connect with simple strategies that any mother (or fathers!) can embrace on any day. When you feel like you have nothing left to give, offer these gifts to yourself. Details below.

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Five Days, Five Ways


  • This series consists of five day’s worth of 10-minute webinars (plus an introduction video and bonus finale), each one containing a healing strategy, ritual or lesson and homework you can choose to take part in..

  • Access to a private online portal where you can access all video content 24 hours a day, so you can watch the webinars on your own schedule, no matter what your timezone. It is up to your whether you wish to watch them all at once or, as recommended, over the course of a week.

  • Personal anecdotes from Amy’s own life offering intimate lessons, insights and solutions.

  • Take-home tools that you can apply immediately in your own life.

  • A printable worksheet of practical tips and key points - a cheatsheet of the lessons covered together.

  • Downloadable quotes from the course to save, print and carry with you on days you need a little extra support or a pep talk.

  • An invitation to join a private Facebook group dedicated to healing rituals and authentic sharing.

  • A discount to further online course’s in the host’s portfolio.

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Love can feel like sadness. That’s the greatest lesson I’ve learnt from motherhood. Or, it can be so closely intertwined with sadness that you can’t tell them apart.
— @amy_molloy