Book Writing Workshop: A Simple Formula for Non-Fiction Storytelling

Book Writing Workshop: A Simple Formula for Non-Fiction Storytelling


BOOK WRITING WORKSHOP: A Simple Formula for Non-Fiction Storytelling

Have you go an idea for a book you want to share with the world? Do you have a personal story, unique expertise or a burning desire to raise awareness of a topic? As a storytelling where should you begin, and how should you protect yourself? This is your one-stop shop for guidance.

The truth? There is a simple formula that anyone can use to write a non-fiction book. For me, storytelling is healing – both for the writer and everybody who reads your words. With the right process, book writing can flow and your confidence can grow.

As an editor, ghost writing and storytelling mentor Amy Molloy has helped many of the authors you now see on bookshelves to craft their stories, find confidence in their creativity and strike a book deal. Now, it’s your turn.


  • The Starting Point: How to know if your passion topic is enough to fill a book, and how to work around it if it isn’t.

  • Structuring your Story: The importance of chapter breakdowns, both in writing your book and selling it to publishers.

  • Shyness & Oversharing: How much do you need to share to be authentic, when to hold back and the tricky topic of legal censorship.

  • The Magic Formula: The simple formula I use in every chapter of every book I write, and how you can make it work for you.

  • Finishing Touches:  Boxouts, layouts, cover design, and how to know when your manuscript is finished.

  • What’s Next?  Your options for getting your book out into the world, and the resources (many of them free!) which can help you on your way.

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Two Part Webinar


  • This series consists of two 60-minute webinars (originally filmed live), that lead you through the entire book writing process from idea to writing, pitching, printing and promoting based on real industry experience.

  • Access to a private online portal where you can access all video content 24 hours a day, so you can watch the webinars on your own schedule, no matter what your timezone. It is up to your whether you wish to watch them all at once or, as recommended, stagger them over the course of two weeks.

  • Personal anecdotes from Amy’s own career as a journalist, ghost writer, editor and author offering intimate lessons, insights and solutions to common hurdles and insider resources.

  • Take-home tools that you can apply immediately in your own life.

  • A printable worksheet of practical tips and key points - a cheatsheet of the lessons covered together.

  • An invitation to join a private Facebook group dedicated to healing rituals and authentic sharing.

  • A discount to further online courses in the host’s portfolio.

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More than ever, ‘public writing’ is a skill we should learn. So that when its time to take our stage - whether it’s a book, blog or social media site - we feel strong in our words and safe in our hearts
— @amy_molloy