Peace, Instead of This: A 30-Card Deck for Daily Healing

Peace, Instead of This: A 30-Card Deck for Daily Healing

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As storytellers, with one sentence we can heal someone’s relationship, cure their career, even save their life. Often, the most powerful coping mechanisms are simple to practise and explain. So, why not do so in a series of cards?

When author Amy Molloy decided to launch her latest book Peace Instead of This for free on Instagram, she began to receive messages from people wondering if it would be followed by a print version of the book as they would love to stick their favourite quotes around their workspaces or mirrors and carry them around on tough days.

 We all need a portable pep talk sometimes, but is a whole book always really necessary? Instead, how can a deck of cards transform our mindset in the moment when we need support, comfort, hope and acceptance?

 This inspiring 30-card deck condenses lessons from Amy’s headline-making books on overcoming adversity, The World is a Nice Place and also Peace and Instead of This (although you don’t need to have read either book to benefit). They compile ten years of research into overcoming adversity – and prove the healing power of a single sentence.


Make a ritual out of pulling a new card everyday in the morning or evening (and whenever else you need to self-soothe fast!!) They’re also a perfect gift for a friend or loved one who is struggling with a breakup, job loss, bereavement, rejection, disappointment, illness or any kind of heartache.


Printed in Australia on thick matt card and hand-packaged in a Earthpak® 100 percent recycled cardboard box this product is also designed to have a minimal footprint, and look naturally beautifully on a desk! They are sent using Australia’s first 100 percent carbon-neutral delivery service (more info here). Affordable worldwide shipping available.


If you’re buying this deck as a gift (or a gift to self), you can choose to add a Peace, Instead of This keepsake bag to your order for AU$5.00 (made from calico with a unique stamp). If this is a present, you can also include a handwritten gift message (enter your chosen wording into the box before checkout). Want to spread the love? You can also choose our Pay it Forward option to receive a 50 PERCENT DISCOUNT on a second deck to gift to a friend, family member or colleague (both items will be sent to one address). Or follow the lead of one of our customers and give it to a stranger as a random act of kindness.


One Deck - $22.00

One Deck with Keepsake Bag - $27.00

Pay it Forward (2x Decks without Bags) - $33.00

Pay it Forward (2x Decks with Bags) - $40.50

Book Package (One Deck + a copy of The World is a Nice Place) - $36

*Pricing in Australian dollars. Delivery fee added at checkout

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