AMY MOLLOY ~ Mental Health Storyteller

Storytelling for Healing:
Public Writing Workshops


Learn how to tell your story in a way that fulfils your purpose, raises your profile or promotes a cause—but protects your self.


Is there a story from your past you’re nervous to discuss but have a burning desire to share? Do you have a book inside you which you believe could help other people? How can you use social media as a memoir, without making yourself vulnerable?

Today, we are all storytellers to some degree. Every social media caption, every ‘about’ section, every blog post and every conversation we have in a coffee shop is an opportunity to share our story - in a way that heals us or triggers us.

After a decade ghostwriting for high-profile entertainers, entrepreneurs and survivors of unimaginable tragedies, Amy created her Storytelling for Healing online course series - digital workshops which teach people to share their story, publicly, whilst protecting themselves.

With tools for storytellers sharing across all mediums - from books to blog, websites and social media platforms - discover how to structure your story, attract a compassionate audience, write within legal guidelines, and approach publishers and editors to magnify your profile.

Most importantly, discover your rights as a storyteller, and how to create boundaries that will protect you and the people you love.

No previous writing experience is required.



Book Writing Workshop: A Simple Formula for Non-Fiction Storytelling

Have you go an idea for a book you want to share with the world? Do you have a personal story, unique expertise or a burning desire to raise awareness of a topic? As a storytelling where should you begin, and how should you protect yourself?


Storytelling for Healing: Public Writing Workshop

Learn how to tell your story in a way that fulfils your purpose, raises your profile or promotes a cause - but protects your self. These techniques can be used for any kind of public writing from books to blogs, about sections and social media captions.


1:1 Mentoring Sessions

With a one-on-one mentoring session, you can gain guidance, emotional support and discover practical formulas for non-fiction writing across all mediums including books, blogs, web content, press releases and all non-fiction projects.


Gift Vouchers

Do you know somebody with a story worth sharing? Give the gift of words with a Storytelling for Healing gift voucher which can be redeemed for a spot on any online workshop in the course portfolio. Anyone can book on from anywhere in the world !