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Akashic Record Readings: Lessons from your life experiences

Have you ever wondered why you react in that way? Why you repeat the same patterns? Are you at a crossroad in your life and you're looking for guidance? You might need to look back... further.


The Akashic Records are an energetic record of everything you've seen, felt and experienced in this life and previous lives (which is a lot!). When you are able to unlock this Encyclopedia of support, you have that for the rest of your life. It is like having a guide in your back pocket.

Driven by her own experiences of past life readings (and wow moments!), Amy decided to complete her training in how to read the Akashic Records — starting with her own records and then other people's. 

Now, you can work with Amy to read your Akashic Records. With 45-minute readings held over Zoom, Amy will guide you into your records, give you the chance to ask questions and receive messages and help you to join the dots between your experiences (in this life and previous lives) and your present.


You can either come with a specific question to ask, or simply turn up (virtually) and see what comes up for you.


At the end of the session there is a chance to ask questions and also discuss how you can use the wisdom of your Records in the future.


You might even find you've been channeling your Akashic Records all along!

"I learnt to read the Records during a big period of change in my own life. It helped me to understand exactly why it was happening, to get a bird eye view of my experiences and see the big picture of my life. I'm so grateful for that."