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Frequently asked Questions

What does a session involve?

In a 45-minute reading, we'll spend the first 10-minutes talking about the Records and what they are (if it's your first time). Then I'll open yours! Afterwards, there will be time to discuss any questions it's raised for you. During our conversation, our connection will stay open, which means I can continue to channel messages which can guide you. 

I'm still not sure what the Akashic Records are!

That's totally okay — it's what our session will cover. If you want to do some prep, this is a pretty great explanation here.

What should I do on the day?

Just sit in a comfortable place, somewhere quiet. We'll start with a casual chat. When I'm reading your Records, I'll turn off my camera to limit distraction. You're welcome to have your eyes open or closed — it's up to you. Then, I'll turn the camera back on for our conversation afterwards.

Do I need to be 'spiritual'?

Well, we're all spiritual! But, you don't need any kind of meditation practise or to believe in any religion. In fact, the Akashic Records have similarities with String Theory! I know super sciencey-types who love it!

Can I ask questions about anyone else?

I only open the Records of whoever is present and has asked me to open theirs, so questions should focus on you, not someone else in your life (it's just good energy etiquette!)


Will my reading be recorded?

I don't records Akashic Record sessions because i like to trust that you'll remember what you're meant to  remember! But, I would have a notebook on hand to right down thoughts afterwards (or the notes section of your phone, as I do).

Can you teach me to read my Records?

We can start the process! Everyone who signs up can receive the 'Opening Prayer' which Readers say when opening the Records, however, this practise takes... practise. Your ability to tap into the Records will depend on your experience and connection to your intuition. Long story-short ... it's a start!

I've got another question!

Feel free to reach out to me on to see if it's right for you! Or, just trust your gut and book!




Akashic Record Readings: Lessons from your life experiences

Imagine having access to an inner guide book all about yourself. A guide that can help you to understand your past (and past lives!), find clarity in the present and confidence in the future. Well, that's the Akashic Records!


I know it sounds out-there but bear with me... The Akashic Records are an energetic record of everything you've seen, felt and experienced in this life and previous lives (which is a lot!). When you are able to unlock this Encyclopedia of support, you have that for the rest of your life. It is like having a guide in your back pocket.

How does it work?​

The Akashic Records aren't a physical book (that's probably obvious!) but an energetic imprint of everything you have experienced and lived through. Everything has an Akashic Record — your house, your pet, your kids (although, Akashic Readers don't read for people under 18). Reading your records is really about stepping out of your own way, so you can tap into all this knowledge and use it to give you clarity.

How can it help me?

Once an Akashic Reader opens your Records, you can ask any open-ended question about any areas of your life. You can ask about career, finances, love, inspiration. People have used them to write books and podcasts. What you can learn in that space is infinite.

It helps to come to sessions with a question or topic you'd like to explore and then go from there.

Why work with Amy?


Using different tools, Amy has spent a lifetime using her intuition to guide her life's decisions and her career path. During the pandemic, she completed her training with Akashic Record teacher, Ashley Wood, who specialises in modernising the practise of Akashic Records.

With 45-minute readings held over Zoom, Amy will guide you into your Records, give you the chance to ask questions and receive messages and help you to join the dots between your experiences (in this life and previous lives) and your present.

Unlike some Reading, which just involve listening to a message, these sessions also include a two-way conversation. After your Records are read, there's a chance to discuss anything that comes up. In this part of the session, Amy will continue to channel guidance, plus bring in strategies from her training as a Counsellor.

We can all become more intuitive, almost instantly if we're open.

You might even find you've been channeling your Akashic Records all along!

AUS $159 per session

*Please note, all sessions are covered by client confidentiality and the Australian Counselling Association Code of Ethics and Practise, Read more here.

As with all counselling practises, I do not read the Akashic Records of friends or family members due to a Conflict of Interest. If we have a personal relationship, chat to me about other Akashic Readers I can recommend in your area or online.

Akashic Record Reading is for you if:

  • You feel unsure, overwhelmed or a little lost about where you are in your life and where to go next.

  • You've found yourself repeating the same patterns and you can't quite kick them.

  • You experience self-doubt, a lack of confidence and/or constantly need other people to validate your decisions.

  • You've found the last few years tough (who hasn't!) and you want reassurance amazing days are ahead of you.

  • You often feel rushed or like you're being left behind, and worry that things aren't moving as quickly as they should be.

  • Maybe you've tapped into your intuition before and felt its magic. Whether it's a vision, a dream or jut a voice in your head saying, 'Let's go in this direction.'

  • You'd love to wake up in the morning with TOTAL trust that you're exactly where you need to be today.


"I learnt to read the Records during a big period of change in my own life. It helped me to understand exactly why it was happening, to get a bird eye view of my experiences and see the big picture of my life. I'm so grateful for that."


Currently, Akashic Record Readings are only available as part of the LIGHTWRITER program. Find out more here or join our mailing list to be the first to know if appointments re-open.